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What Our Musicians And Dancers Headshots Clients Had To Say

“The album design is all done and I couldn’t be happier with it.


I just wanted to thank you again for all the great ideas and the beautiful photographs, it just looks amazing and is exactly what I was hoping it might be.


Please pass along thanks to Casey for her photoshopping.


Thank you so much, it was a pleasure working with you.


I will gladly recommend you to my musician friends.”


– Dave Withers, Musician

Artistry In A Pic: Musicians And Dancers Headshots

Show your moves and melody with our musicians + dancers headshots.
Whether you’re a musician or a dancer, headshots showcase your artistry before you hit the center stage. They’re even more effective when you let the pros get the job done. Impress and tantalize your audience in a single image using professional headshots — it’s artistry in a picture!

Invest In Professional Musicians And Dancers Headshots

Breathtaking headshots not only provide you with a way to captivate your audience but also give you a chance to market yourself better. The floor isn’t your only stage; your headshots are, too! At TKP Headshots, we offer professional headshots that you can use for extensive purposes. You also enjoy the following benefits:


Convey Talent And Personality

Headshots, when done properly, can convey your personality, energy, and talent. Using professional services help you do this with ease.


More Marketing Options

Headshots and photography for musicians and dancers aren’t only for resumes. They’re also perfect for albums, social media promotions, and more.


Immortalize Your Art

Headshots are your first step to immortalizing your art. Trust a professional musicians + dancers headshot photographer to get your career started.

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