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Tips For Great Dating Profile Pictures

dating profile photography of a man in Guelph, Ontario

Do you feel like you’re not getting enough matches in online dating, or the matches that you are getting are not up to your standards? You’re not alone, the vast majority of men, as well as a lot of women aren’t happy with their online dating results. The main reason you aren’t getting swiped right by the people you’re into is because you don’t have good enough photos of yourself.


Photos are the most important part of your dating profile, and if your potential match isn’t impressed right away then you’re more than likely not going to get a chance to talk to them. Even if you have the funniest, most clever dating profile bio its unlikely to help you much. Because lets face it, in online dating you’re being judged based on your pictures first, and personality second.


Let’s go over some of the keys to great dating profile pictures that you can use for your Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, or Plenty Of Fish profiles.


1. Take candid photos

First of all, people like to see candid photos of you. If all of your photos look staged or you have only professional photos of you looking into the camera, its hard to show off your personality. Get a mix of photos. Some of you doing hobbies you enjoy like traveling, hanging out with friends, playing pool, or reading, and then maybe some posed photos. Have some photos with you smiling and some where you aren’t smiling. Show off your best self.


2. Use good lighting

Second, make sure you have good lighting in your photos. The lighting can make or break how you look in a photo. Natural light or professional lighting is best, and you’ll want to avoid harsh overhead lighting or fluorescent lighting, which can be unflattering. If you’re taking a picture with your phone, make sure the flash is off, as this can create harsh shadows.


3. Avoid using Selfies

Third, avoid selfies. This is especially important for guys, as way too many guys on dating apps just have selfies of themselves and wonder why they don’t get any results. You’ll notice an instant improvement in your matches when you get rid of your selfie pictures and replace them with photos that look like they were taken by someone else. You can ask a friend or family member to take them, contact a professional photographer that specializes in dating profile photography, or use a tripod to take them yourself.


4. Hire a professional dating profile photographer

Finally, if you are serious about getting the best results in online dating then you should consider getting a professional photographer to help you get some flattering, high quality photos. They can make it look like the photos weren’t taken by a pro, while helping to bring out your personality and shooting you at your best angles. If you live in Southwestern Ontario and are looking for a photographer for your dating profile we’d be happy to help!


You can see below photos we took of our client Dan who was looking for photos for his dating profile:

“Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Got all the pictures and they look great! Special thanks to Trina and Casey for making me feel comfortable and relaxed. I had a wonderful time, and would love to do something like that again.” – Dan

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