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What Our Clients Had To Say

“Being new to radio I feel that making a good first impression is so important. Radio personalities need to reflect their uniqueness in a way that is authentic and yet that doesn’t hold back who they truly are.

Trina made me feel so at ease so that I could truly be myself. Oh …and did I mention she’s a lot of fun to work with too!!!

An amazing photographer with tremendous talent.

Thanks 🙏 again to Trina & her team.”


– Holly Masters #hollymastersradio #thegrand101.1

Claim The Spotlight: Actors + Models Headshots

Make your way to success with actors + models headshots.

As an entertainment industry professional, your headshots are your ticket to everything. A stunning first impression is crucial for securing deals and contracts. It’s a crucial part of your resume as an actor or model.

Why You Need Actors + Models Headshots

Whether you’re an actor or a model, your headshots are the first thing a director, producer, or headhunter sees. It’s your make-or-break ticket, so why not go for the best? At TKP Headshots, we offer excellent actors + model photography services with the following benefits:


Draw Your Viewer’s Eyes

Modeling headshots highlight your artistic appeal and give insights into who you are. With professional services, you can grab your viewers’ attention before you even meet them.


Stand Out and Land The Role

Professional headshots give actors an edge over their competition. Stand out, show your range with the right headshots, and land the role you want.


Shine And Claim The Spotlight

Landing the perfect models + actors headshots is key to getting noticed in the entertainment industry. Investing in professional headshots might just be your ticket to your lucky break.

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