TKP Headshots

3 Packages

One & Done
Double Double
The Works

*Group rates available upon request.

Additional images and services

See contract for full details.

Level 1

Basic (No Photoshop) $10/image

Level 2

Essential Retouching $20/image

Level 3

Enhanced Retouching (see Retouching Fees below)

Full resolution digital JPEG image - no retouching

Optimize contrast and exposure; remove small skin blemishes (i.e. small spots, shaving cuts); lightly soften wrinkles; enhance lighting to make skin and eyes more luminous; whiten teeth

All blemishes removed; wrinkles diminished; hair de-frizzing; hair sculpting; glass glare removed; slimming of face and body; clothing adjusted for perfect fit.

HST extra

Retouching Fees

Level 1 - Basic

Digital Can be harsh! $10 per image

  • Full resolution digital JPEG image, straight from the camera
  • No artistic time spent in photoshop on digital image

Level 2 - Essential Retouching

How you actually look! $20 per image

  • Optimize contrast and exposure
  • Remove small skin blemishes (e.g. small spots, shaving cuts)

  • Lightly soften wrinkles
  • Enhance lighting to make skin and eyes more luminous
  • Whiten teeth

Level 3 - Enhanced Photoshop Options

Enhance your level 2 Essential with options below


  • Remove glasses glare (not covering eye, less then 1/4 of lens): $15
  • Remove glasses glare (covering eye and over 1/4 of lens): $25

Face & Hair

  • Additional softening wrinkles and smile lines while preserving expression: $10
  • Remove major skin blemishes (severe acne, blood vessels, damaged skin): $25
  • Flawless skin (no blemishes, minimal wrinkles): $35
  • Eye swap: $10
  • Face swap (if possible): $15
  • Lightly defrizz hair: $10
  • Adding/removing large pieces of hair and extensive defrizzing: $20


  • Minor face and body slimming: $10
  • Major face and body slimming: $20
  • Full body swap (if possible): $25


  • Fix clothing (minor wrinkles on plain clothing, small gaps): $10
  • Fix clothing (patterned, very wrinkled, major clothing adjustments): $25


  • Simple background swap (greenscreen or plain white to new plain background): $15
  • Complex background swap (removal of person from non plain background): $25
  • Rebuild patterned background (if possible): $25

Headshot Styles

We work with a variety of different clients with specific needs. Whether you are looking for a corporate headshot, photos for your dating profile or social media, shots for your artist portfolio or are just looking to capture a moment in time with your pet – our photos will tell your unique story!

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