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What Our Clients Had To Say

“Having my picture taken is intimidating for me but Trina’s professionalism and warmth immediately put me at ease.”

-Lina Fiore

Your True Self In Lifestyle Candids for Social Media

Capture your essence in a click using social media – lifestyle candids.

Social media and lifestyle headshots showcase your authenticity to the world. Let your followers get a glimpse of your world. Share your passion and the beauty of your experiences — genuine connection matters, and quality pictures make them happen.

Using Social Media Headshots / Lifestyle Candids

Candid shots help foster authentic connections with your followers. They’re also versatile and personalized, helping you create relatable images that engage your audience’s interest. At TKP Headshots, we offer high-quality candid social media headshots that help you share your most awesome moments with your audience.


Perfect For Anyone

Whether you’re a travel blogger, a food critic, or anyone eager to share their daily awesome moments, social media – lifestyle candids get the job done.


Evoke Emotions Easily

Each life is unique, and what makes them special is the emotions you can evoke by sharing your candid moments with your followers. Quality photography services help you do that easily.


Personalize Your Shots

Social media is filled with people who also want to stand out. Elevate your brand by personalizing your shots according to the experiences you want to share.

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